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Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council

Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC) was established under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, tasked to facilitate, and promote the healthcare travel industry of Malaysia, under the “Malaysia Healthcare” brand. The Malaysia Healthcare industry is uniquely driven by various public and private players and as a brand under the MHTC, is committed towards delivering the best healthcare travel experience by showcasing the country’s dual heritage of warm hospitality and world-class healthcare services. Our aspiration is to make Malaysia associated and known for Healthcare and strive to actively build a healthier world be delivering on our key strengths.



Malaysia as the leading global healthcare destination



Promoting Malaysia Healthcare globally and facilitating the industry sustainability

Get to Know Malaysia Healthcare

The Malaysia Healthcare brand showcases the country’s dual heritage of warm hospitality and world-class healthcare services under the value proposition of Quality, Affordability, Accessibility, Communication, and Hospitality.



Our healthcare professionals are well-trained and experienced, and our hospitals are equipped with the latest, cutting-edge medical facility and equipment, which means that you receive only the best health treatments and services in Malaysia.

For You, For Life

Malaysia Healthcare is committed to ensuring quality care for your peace of mind when seeking for healthcare in Malaysia. We believe people should live their lives well and be happy. Malaysia Healthcare is here for you, for your entire life journey.


How We Curate the Nation’s Healthcare Travel Industry

MHTC facilitates collaborations between public and private stakeholders, namely between government agencies, and private healthcare facility, insurance firms, airlines, travel agents, health facilitators, and other emerging organisations in this industry. Fortified with strong Public-Private Partnerships, MHTC enables numerous industry patrons to promote Malaysia’s seamless end-to-end healthcare journey experience and offerings through international and local channels.


Government Agencies


Private Healthcare Facilities


Insurance Firms




Travel Agents


Health Facilitators


Other Emerging Organizations

Key Milestone

Healthcare Traveller Numbers

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