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Experiencing true care with Malaysia healthcare



Malaysia is one of the fastest growing countries in Asia Pacific for healthcare travel — ranked prominently among the top travel destinations.

Located at the heart of Southeast Asia, Malaysia is already a well-known travel destination, attracting numerous international travellers for an escape into the tropical wonders of our country.

Over the decade, Malaysia ranked high among world destinations for healthcare travel, receiving over one million visitors just before the pandemic.

Why choose Malaysia for your healthcare needs?

Malaysia offers world-class healthcare services equipped with the latest technology and infrastructure, delivered by accomplished medical practitioners. Well-monitored and strongly regulated by the Ministry of Health, private healthcare facilities in Malaysia have attained accreditations such as the Joint Commission International (JCI), Malaysian Society for Quality in Health (MSQH), and the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS), upholding high standards in safety of care.

Our competitive affordability is maintained through reasonable treatment costs, monitored by the Ministry of Health through enforced ceiling rates.

We offer accessibility, with little waiting time to meet a specialist.

Malaysia is well-known for three key specialties which are cardiology, cancer care, and fertility treatments, while offering a broad range of healthcare services including nephrology, orthopaedics as well as preventive and rehabilitative care.

Healthcare for your heart

We have more than 30 advanced cardiology centres like IJN (National Heart Institute) and the Cardiac Vascular Sentral Kuala Lumpur (CVSKL), which already attract patients to Malaysia for trusted, reliable, and affordable treatments.

Over the last decade, Malaysia has achieved worldwide recognition for our strength in cardiology care, especially through the numerous breakthroughs we have achieved. In July 2020, the renowned National Heart Institute (IJN) became the first hospital outside the US to successfully implant a Micra AV pacemaker in a patient.

The cancer care centre of excellence

A recent study by The Economist Intelligence Unit named Malaysia as the third most prepared country in the Asia Pacific to battle cancer. With our oncologists and researchers making headlines around the world for their expertise, Malaysia has gained global recognition as the “cancer care centre of excellence” in the region.

With the ability to treat a variety of cancers including breast, lung, prostate, leukemia, and lymphoma cancers, medical institutions of Malaysia have equipped themselves with state-of-the-art technology for more accurate diagnoses and precise treatment.

This includes technologies such as the Next Generation Sequencing machine, a new technological platform that shortens the time from diagnosis to commencement of targeted treatment for lung cancer.

In 2021, Cancer Research Malaysia announced that it has established the largest genetic and genomic database of Asian breast cancers, in collaboration with University of Cambridge and Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC), making way for enhancing precision medicine for breast cancer patients across Asia.

Giving hope to dreams of couples building their families

Malaysia is also home to a number of fertility centres, demonstrating success rates which are above the global average, up to 82.9%.

Our fertility centres offer advanced treatments including oncofertility and AI technology for fertility screenings, to provide aspiring parents a good chance for a successful pregnancy. Eight out of 30 fertility centres (apart from those in Australia) accredited with Reproductive Technology Accreditation Certification (RTAC), are located in Malaysia.

Muslim-friendly halal hub

Being a global Halal hub, Malaysia’s private healthcare facilities offer porcine-free medications and treatments, and we are equipped with doctors and nurses of both genders, to provide care for patients according to their comfort. We are also a country which has readily available Halal cuisine and prayer facilities at most shopping malls, hotels, and public facilities.

Experience Malaysia Healthcare

Malaysia Healthcare prides itself in offering a seamless healthcare journey from start to end, being with you every step of the way.

Should you need assistance upon arrival, we will be there to greet you right at the aerobridge.

Our friendly Malaysia Healthcare concierge and lounge personnel will be there to assist you through immigration clearance, baggage claim, and host you at our lounge right until it is time to move on to your next stop.

How to reach us?

MHTC is an agency under the Ministry of Health Malaysia tasked with promoting the nation as an international health care destination.

We also serve as a one-stop centre for all matters related to health care travel — ranging from business development and facilitation to regulation and handling of inquiries.

MHTC works closely with GD Assist, a key partner in Bangladesh, to showcase what Malaysia has to offer our Bangladeshi healthcare travellers. Reach out to us by visiting or getting in contact with GD Assist Office at

Mohd Daud Mohd Arif is CEO of Malaysia Healthcare Travel Council (MHTC).


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