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About Sabah

Sabah is famed for popular diving spots, diverse wildlife and of course, Mount Kinabalu. At a staggering height of 4,095 metres, this landmark is flocked by travellers who immerse themselves in the wonder of Bornean nature - and the excellent healthcare services Sabah has to offer. Delivered through warm Malaysian hospitality, Sabah’s medical facilities offer healthcare travellers world-class medical services and a recovery experience amid the serenity of tropical nature. Sabah offers a great experience through local foods such as ‘latok’ (sliced mackerel fish with chili, onion, ginger, and lime juice) and ‘hirava’ (seaweed with cili padi, lime and shrimp paste). With ecotourism activities, cultural villages, and outdoor adventures to explore, Sabah enhances your healthcare journey with healing for the body and soul.

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