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About Sarawak

Whether you are enjoying a music festival, admiring hornbills and orang utans at nature reserves, or undergoing your healthcare treatment at a medical facility, Sarawak or better known as the “Land of the Hornbills” is a holistic destination for healthcare travellers. Famed for their Dayak cuisine, cultural villages, caves and national parks, Sarawak offers healthcare travellers an enjoyable experience throughout their healthcare journey, often pulling in crowds for eco-tourism activities. Indulge in the ‘Laksa Sarawak’ (Sarawakian vermicelli noodles), ‘Umai’ (sliced raw fish dish) and ‘Midin’ (a type of wild fern). Discover the diverse native cultures, their way of life and artistry. Healthcare travellers are bound to return from Sarawak with their health in check and their hearts full.

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