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Malaysia is globally recognised as among the top healthcare hubs, and it cannot be denied that treatment costs are among the lowest. I received excellent service from the moment I arrived at the airport until I arrived at the hospital. As soon as I arrived at Gleneagles Ampang on 8th April, I was admitted at the Intensive Care Unit as my condition was critical. After 6 days, I was discharged to the normal ward after completing the procedure and was given special attention the full 20 days I was there, including a sight-seeing excursion around Kuala Lumpur. Frankly speaking, I was very satisfied, and all the doctors and nurses treated me with warmth, as though I was family. It is as though I have received a second chance to live
5/9/2020 ,


I would like to thank our doctor from Island Hospital and express my appreciation for the successful spinal surgery you did on 8th January. You are an extremely talented surgeon and I hold the utmost respect and regard for you. With your diagnosis and help, I could feel a drastic pain relief on my back and legs which I was suffering from for the past 8 years. I often get terrible back and leg pain which makes me can't stand or walk. I was unable to get a proper answer from the consultation and follow-up that I had done in Ipoh for 8 years but you solved it. Now I can walk normally as before. Again, thank you so much for the kind and professional care which you provided.
Alexander Tharmakan
6/5/2020 ,


An appreciative physiotherapy patient: | would like to say that the sports therapist at Island Hospital has a special ability to inspire me to get moving again. Although recovery is not always easy, he knows how to push and motivate me to reach my full potential. | will never forget his patience and compassion and | am grateful for everything that he has done for me.
0/4/2020 ,


I am from Palembang, Indonesia, a heart patient of Penang Adventist Hospital (PAH). I have been patronizing PAH for many years. The reason being is, PAH's services is good, the environment is clean and especially, all doctors and nurses are able to speak in Indonesian, which allows me to fully understand without any worries. The operation was completed less than 3 hours, and I can be discharged home on the 5th day. I'm very satisfied with the doctors' skill and happy with the outcome. The medical staff in PAH is very efficient, polite and friendly. I felt as if I am at home and has no worries should my family members were to leave me in the ward for hours, as we all felt at ease knowing that the nurses will take good care of me.
Jacob Tedjadharma
4/1/2020 ,


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